The Peatbog Faeries @ Findhorn

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Sunday March 19 2017

To give the venue its full moniker The Universal Hall, Findhorn. Pictures by: Peter Vallance.

I had the pleasure of popping my cherry last Thursday night, it sounds a bit rude I know, but I did as there were a couple of firsts for me.

I finally caught the Peatbog Faeries live and I caught my first gig at The Universal Hall, Findhorn.

Both memorable events.

Let’s talk about the Faeries first as they were absolutely on form, they delivered a storming set and had the crowd on their feet from the opening bars of the first song.

They atmosphere was fantastic, the band fed of the energy of the audience and the audience fed of the energy of the band, as a good friend of mine says, bloody marvellous.

I don’t really know how you would describe the music, I am sure better people than me have tried and not done it justice, suffice to say it was excellent and had me swinging my panties from the get go.

What a show, what a band, the beats, the pipes, the fiddle, the whistle, the guitar, the bass, the keyboards and let’s not forget the drums.

Ok, so I’ve listed the instruments, good for me, but it’s what they do with these instruments that is amazing, what musicians, what performers, I and the audience were captivated and mesmerised from the very first note.

I have been meaning to catch them live for some time now and I certainly was not disappointed, if you have a bucket list, this is something that you have to put on it: “See The Peatbog Faeries Live, before I die.”

It would be very rude not to and rest assured, well worth the effort.

Turning to Findhorn.

Goodness, but did I get my eyes opened on a windy Thursday night in the Highlands.

Now I’ve heard loads of talk about the place, this community that is there and to be honest I hadn’t given it much thought, it was something people had told me about and well, I just said ok, that’s cool, thanks for telling me.

So, without reading up on the place, here is what I think of it, if I am wrong I apologise now.

I think what the people have done here is something a wee bit special, I would describe it as a wee bit of California in the highlands.

There is a freedom of spirit here and a feeling of openness that I don’t think I’ve come across in too many places or people.

You could see this in the people and how they expressed themselves, no fear of judgment, no inhibitions, a freedom of spirit that was lovely to see and be a part of for an hour or three.

As soon as The Peatbog’s started a couple sashayed out on to the dance floor and everyone followed them.

I’m from the west coast and 7pm on a Thursday night is not the time that you see people expressing themselves like this, jeez oh that doesn’t happen till after midnight and the bar is drunk dry.

There was an energy in the room that came from this freedom of spirit and everyone seemed to feed of it, me included, I loved it, I was high on life and my inhibitions disappeared, I was having a ball, loving the show, loving the vibe, enjoying the freedom.

Being from the west coast, I’m pretty laid back and really enjoyed the feel of the place, the few lines I’ve written about it do not do it justice, go out, have a look yourselves, you never know you might just like what you find there.

So, my advice, leave your inhibitions at the door and go and discover a wee bit of this highland haven.



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