Leonard Leaves Door Open for Tory Deal Councillors

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Tuesday November 28 2017

Labour have left the door open to readmit Aberdeen councillors suspended for putting the Tories into power – with a decision pushed back until after the council’s budget.

The Labour group on Aberdeen City Council were suspended en masse by Kezia Dugdale after ignoring a party order not to go into administration with the Tories.

The party’s Scottish Executive Committee has now ruled that the matter will be kept “under review” until the administration sets its budget.

Richard Leonard last week suggested that he supports readmitting the suspended councillors, saying that:

“I don’t like to see a situation where members of the Labour party are put outside it”.

A leaked account of discussions between the suspended councillors and the General Secretary of the party show that the Labour group justified their deal with the Tories as “we don’t want to give them [the SNP] a foothold”.

Commenting, SNP MP Kirsty Blackman said:

“People in Aberdeen were rightly outraged that their votes for Labour were used to put Tory councillors in office.

“But now, despite these councillors ignoring a direct order from the party, Labour appear to be preparing to let them back into the fold.

“And now we know, in their own words, that these councillors chose to put right-wing Tory councillors in charge of public services simply out of a tribal hatred of the SNP.

“It’s pathetic and completely unbecoming of those elected to public office.

“If that attitude is welcome in Richard Leonard’s Labour Party then voters will come to their own conclusions.”



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