Bumbling Boris has Lost all Credibility

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Friday December 1 2017

The Foreign Office actively briefs against the Foreign Secretary.

As EU negotiations reach a critical stage, the Prime Minister must remove her Foreign Secretary from his post rather than simply undermining him - as reports reveal that the Foreign Office actively briefs against Boris Johnson.

It was reported that the Foreign Office informed Irish government officials "not to listen to whatever he had to say," and to "ignore the public utterances" of the Foreign Secretary ahead of his visit to Ireland last month – implying that Boris Johnson does not speak on behalf of the UK government.

Stephen Gethins MP, said:

“It’s clear from this extraordinary exchange that the Foreign Secretary has lost all trust in his post as one of the UK’s most senior diplomats.

“The revelation that Foreign Office officials are briefing against Boris Johnson prior to his visits to pre-empt any of his regular gaffes, highlights the utter chaos crippling the UK government.

“Boris Johnson is the representative for us all and so if those who work closest with him feel that he is too embarrassing to be let out on his own then it is time for him to go.

“Negotiations and talks with other countries matter.

“We are at a critical stage in negotiations with the EU, where the UK government has reportedly agreed to pay €50bn to the EU in a divorce settlement fee – without any detail as to where this money is suddenly coming from, or what will be cut to stump up their dues.

“All the while the UK government is struggling to build ties that will be vital if the UK is to leave the EU.

“Theresa May cannot simply continue to adopt the strategy of undermining and side-lining her Foreign Secretary – we are well aware his gaffes are a source of major embarrassment for the UK and diminishes the UK’s standing in the world.

“Boris Johnson has lost all credibility, even within his own office.

“He must step down, or the Prime Minister must take action now.”



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