Record Prize Money for SPFL Clubs

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Thursday April 5 2018

Prize money for SPFL clubs in season 2017/18 increases by £800k compared to last year.

The SPFL confirmed today that more than £23.7million will have been paid in total prize money to the 42-member clubs in season 2017/18. This is an increase of £800,000 on last season’s prize fund of £22.9million.

League prize money is paid in addition to parachute payments, UEFA solidarity, Betfred Cup prize and TV money, IRN-BRU Cup prize and travel money, and clubs' match accounts from cup games at neutral venues.

SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster said:

“This season’s revenue distribution is the highest prize fund in the history of the Scottish game and a record windfall for all SPFL clubs.

“The SPFL is committed to continually growing our game in the financial interests of all 42-member clubs.

“A new and improved deal with title sponsor Ladbrokes and other commercial deals helped us to do just that.”

Ladbrokes recently extended their title sponsorship of the SPFL for a further two seasons, while Betfred will again sponsor the League Cup next season with IRN-BRU doing likewise with the Challenge Cup.

The £23.7million prize money is distributed according to the percentages set out below, based on overall league standing at the end of the season.



1st         13.4%                 £3.176m

2nd       9.6%                   £2.28m

3rd        8.25%                 £1.96m

4th        7.25%                 £1.72m

5th        6.75%                 £1.6m

6th        6.25%                 £1.48m

7th        5.75%                 £1.36m

8th        5.5%                   £1.3m

9th        5.25%                 £1.24m

10th     5%                       £1.19m

11th     4.75%                 £1.13m

12th     4.5%                   £1.07m



1st         2.25%                 £533k

2nd       1.9%                   £450k

3rd        1.6%                   £379k

4th        1.3%                   £308k

5th        1%                       £237k

6th        0.9%                   £213k

7th        0.85%                 £201k

8th        0.8%                   £190k

9th        0.75%                 £178k

10th     0.7%                   £166k


League 1

1st         0.5%                    £119k

2nd       0.43%                  £102k

3rd        0.35%                  £83k

4th        0.34%                  £81k

5th        0.33%                  £78k

6th        0.32%                  £76k

7th        0.31%                  £73k

8th        0.30%                  £71k

9th        0.29%                  £69k

10th      0.28%                  £66k


League 2

1st         0.27%                  £64k

2nd       0.26%                  £62k

3rd        0.25%                  £59k

4th        0.24%                  £57k

5th        0.23%                  £55k

6th        0.22%                  £52k

7th        0.21%                  £50k

8yh        0.20%                  £47k

9th        0.19%                  £45k

10th      0.18%                  £43k



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