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Heatwave – Protect Your Phone With These Five Tips  

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With temperatures reaching record highs, staying safe in the sun is important.

And it’s not just our bodies that feel the heat; excessively high temperatures during summer can cause your phone to overheat when paired with heavy usage.  

Insurance provider, SO-SURE, has given five top tips for protecting your phone in the heatwave.  

1.     Remove the case  

Phone cases can trap heat, so the quickest and most effective way of getting your smartphones temperature to a sensible level is to remove the phone case.  

2.     Give it a background refresh  

If your phone is completing lots of tasks that it does not need to be doing, as well as running lots of apps you are not using, this can cause the phone to overheat.

Run a background refresh and close any unnecessary apps and failing that try activating aeroplane mode to help in deactivating battery-sapping features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi signal, GPS, and search. 

3.     Don’t charge it in under a pillow 

Many people sleep with their phone under their pillow.

However, when charging, it’s important that your phone isn’t trapped under somewhere which will mean the heat can’t escape and this can cause overheating.

If you have made this mistake, you can try restarting your device and it will allow it to cool down and recalibrate.  

4.     Keep it out of direct sunlight 

An obvious one but putting a smartphone in direct sunlight in high temperatures is one of the worst things you can do.

Make sure it has some shade or keep it indoors in a cool place.  

5.     Never put it in a freezer 

Although it may seem like a good idea to cool a phone down, putting a phone in a fridge or freezer can be very harmful as it can mean moisture gets in your device – a big no-no.  

A phone’s temperature can reach up to 43 degrees and still be considered normal.

For Android, handsets you can install the smart AIDA64 app which provides a useful temperature report.

Apple handsets include a battery health menu but not a temperature report.  

For more ways to protect your phone from overheating, please visit: https://wearesosure.com/blog/why-is-my-phone-so-hot/  

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