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Friday, February 23, 2024

2022/23 Inverness Winter Service Plan Approved  

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Apply now for winter resilience community aid

Councillors have approved the Winter Service Plan for Inverness Area.  

At a meeting of the City of Inverness Area Committee, Councillors were informed that the impact of Covid-19 and driver’s hours regulations will potentially have an impact on the winter service provided.

Leader of Inverness and Area, Cllr Ian Brown said:

“We have decided on how and where to grit roads within the budget and resources available.

“It’s important that people are prepared for the first shower of snow or frost in our communities and that they make themselves aware of the council’s gritting priorities for roads and footpaths.

“Its simply not possible to grit all roads and paths so we have to prioritise, plan ahead and make sure that our gritting policy is in place and ready for action from the start of the winter season.

“Check out the gritting maps for your area.

“Maybe you’ve recently moved home?

“Find out if your street is on a priority route and if it’s not, now is the time to apply through your community council for help as the council can provide salt/grit bins, scrapers and reflective waistcoats to allow an enhanced level of service.

“Apply as soon as possible.”

Check out the handy information on the Ready Scotland website about being prepared for COLD – SNOW – ICE: at: https://ready.scot/respond/severe-weather/cold-snow-and-ice

Councillors have approved a gritting plan in which primary routes are treated first, followed by secondary routes and then all ‘other’ routes as resources permit.

Councillors discussed the priorities, timings and resources available for gritting the Inverness area network of 322km (32%) primary routes, 257km (25%) secondary routes and 448km (43%) other routes across Inverness area wards.

Across Inverness area there are 17 gritters, and 10 footpath tractors.

The average annual usage of salt is approximately 10,000 tonnes and there is enough salt in stock or on order to treat the area.

Members noted the professional forecasting service provided to the council that supports managers’ local decision making on winter service delivery.

Daily forecasts enable managers to plan road treatments for each evening and the following morning.

Members noted the arrangements for grit/salt bins which are generally placed at steep locations where there is no regular road or footway gritting service.

They also welcomed that a framework contract is in place with local contractors to aid clearing deep snow at short notice in exceptional weather conditions.

The mobilisation of manual staff across Community Services to assist with gritting in severe conditions (according to weather forecasts or freezing rain) was also welcomed.

Details of the winter service policy and area gritting route maps are at www.highland.gov.uk/gritting

Applications for winter resilience community aid can be made at this link

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