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50% Increase in Abandoned Vehicles in Skye and Raasay

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Skye and Raasay Area Committee Members discussed the increased number of abandoned vehicles across the area and the signposting methods that the public should be aware of when reporting abandoned vehicles.

Skye and Raasay Area Committee Chair, Cllr John Finlayson said:

“We’ve seen an almost 50% rise in abandoned vehicles across Skye and Raasay which can present a real issue for our local community and residents.

“However, the discussion at today’s meeting was very helpful to gain a greater understanding into the individual considerations which are taken account of, prior to their removal, and what procedures need to take place before anything can happen.”

In the Highlands, the Environmental Health team deal with around 500 reports of abandoned vehicles per year.

For the Skye and Raasay area, there are relatively low reports of around 10-15 per year although an increase was noted in 2023 with over 30 reports submitted.

Environmental Health Officers prioritise resources based on a many factors including public health, public safety, environmental risk and statutory responsibilities.

Incoming service requests are assessed against these factors and officers’ availability for investigations.

All reports of abandoned vehicles are followed up by the team, but priority is given to vehicles with a clear safety risk e.g. burnt out or vandalised.

Cllr Finlayson added:

“Understandably, the process can take time to complete as steps are taken to trace the owner, statutory notice periods which need to be followed, and the time involved with the practical arrangements of site visits and uplifting of any vehicles can also be longer than many residents would want.

“I would encourage anyone in the community who has concerns about abandoned vehicles to visit the Council’s website for information and guidance on when to submit a report to the Council.”

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