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A Change of Leadership But no Change in Priority

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Statement from InverYess on appointment of Humza Yousaf as party leader

This is a new chapter in our country’s future.

A chance for new initiatives, paths and roads on our journey, as we move forward together, in our battle to regain Scotland’s Independence.

It is bigger than any person, politician or party.

The newly appointed First Minister should be focusing on, engaging and uniting the grassroots Independence movement to prepare for tough new approaches with Independence at the forefront.

He needs to not only be saying – but doing – seen to be fronting by attending Independence events and talking to activists – welcoming and supportive of all Parties and Independence Groups. 

By doing this, we can and will encourage people with positive, civic engagement and attitudes.

We must regain our Independence ~ sooner rather than later.

No ifs or buts.

We will never prosper as a nation, a fairer and equal society if we continue with previous inactions.

Independence must be a priority.

It is vital we keep on talking to those who aren’t quite with us or convinced yet.

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