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A Fair Day’s Work Deserves a Fair Day’s Pay

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SNP MP Stewart McDonald will present a bill to Parliament today (Tuesday 16th) calling for a new law to ban unpaid work trials.

A recent survey conducted by the Glasgow MP showed that across the UK, 94 of respondents found unpaid trial shifts unfair and 93% expressed support for the banning of the practice – shedding light on the widespread dissatisfaction with unpaid trial shifts in the recruitment process.

Bryan Simpson, Lead organiser for Unite the Union, has stated:

“Unpaid trial shifts remain a dark stain on the hospitality sector.

“We have scores of members this year alone who have worked anywhere between 2-16 hours without pay, under the guise of a trial shift, only to find out they are simply being brought-in by unscrupulous employers to fill gaps in absence.”

The Glasgow South MP has long championed the ending of exploitative practices of unpaid work trials, and has previously introduced a Private Members Bill to ban it.

Commenting the SNP’s Stewart McDonald MP said:

“The banning of these exploitative unpaid work trials is long overdue.

“The UK government continues to drag its feet on this important issue, at the expense of people who are just trying to find employment.

“The law needs to change to ensure that no one is asked to work without pay as a condition for employment – the existing legislation does not go far enough.

“The UK government must ban unpaid trial shifts or devolve employment powers to the Scottish Government so we can.

“The current guidance is shrouded in ambiguity, leaving workers vulnerable and their rights uncertain.

“However, there should be no vagueness around this issue – a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.”

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