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Academy Street Businesses Presented With Historic Drawings

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Pictured left to right are: Sarah James-Gaukroger, David Brown (Coyote’s), Gordon Lynn, Colin Lyon (Craigdon Mountain Sport).

Businesses on Academy Street are being presented with line drawings of how their building appeared 101 years ago by Inverness Townscape Heritage Project (ITHP).

It is hoped the Gordon Lynn line drawings will leave a lasting legacy for each operational business on how their building looked over a century ago, with the unique architectural detailing of each one being shown.

More than 40 drawings have been printed, mounted and framed by the Inverness Townscape Heritage Project as the final part of its work, which included a grant-giving scheme focussing on Academy Street, and saw £1.75 million in grant funding awarded since it began in September 2015.

Each of the line drawings have been created by Gordon Lynn, a civil engineer who painstakingly researched the buildings through photographs and resources held by organisations including the Highland Photographic Archive and Am Baile.

First to be presented with their line drawings were David Brown from Coyote’s and Colin Lyon from Craigdon Mountain Sport.

The business owners were presented with the drawings by Gordon Lynn himself, alongside Sarah James-Gaukroger and Alison Tanner from Inverness Townscape Heritage Project.

Sarah James-Gaukroger, ITHP Assistant Project Officer, said:

“I’m thrilled that we have been able to present these wonderful drawings to the businesses on Academy Street.

“Gordon Lynn’s work has been a great asset to our work as Inverness Townscape Heritage Project, as we set about restoring and preserving the history and heritage of Academy Street.

“Being able to gift these drawings is a very special way to end the project.”

David Brown, owner of Coyote’s, said:

“It’s really special to be presented with Gordon Lynn’s drawing of our building and learn some of its history, including that it was once a music saloon!

“Thank you to Inverness Townscape Heritage Project and Gordon Lynn for this reminder of our building’s past.”

Colin Lyon, owner of Craigdon Mountain Sport, said:

“It’s lovely to have this piece of history for our shop at 25 Academy Street.

“The building was once home to Mitchell & Craig Grocers and Wine Merchants, so it’s nice to be able to honour them and other previous occupiers with Gordon Lynn’s drawings.”

Gordon Lynn added:

“Inverness Townscape Heritage Project and the businesses and building owners on Academy Street have done some great restoration and conservation work over the past few years.

“And it’s been an honour that my drawings have been some part of that.

“I hope the drawings will continue to serve as reminders of the craftsmanship of the buildings and the rich and interesting history of Academy Street for a long time to come.”

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