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Airbnb Must Stop Adverting Holiday Homes


Ian Blackford MP (pictured) has slammed Airbnb for continuing to advertise and let holiday homes in Scotland during the coronavirus pandemic, describing the actions as beneath contempt.

The SNP Westminster Leader has written to Airbnb over the company’s decision to continue advertising hundreds of holiday homes across Scotland despite the coronavirus lock down and clear warnings for people to avoid travel.

Ian Blackford urged people to stay at home this Easter weekend – and said companies must not “put profits before people’s lives.”

Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said:

“I am calling on Airbnb and other holiday companies to immediately stop advertising and letting properties in this unprecedented emergency.

“People are being told to stay at home and avoid any unnecessary travel – and yet Airbnb are advertising hundreds of holiday homes right across Scotland, including many in rural and remote parts of the highlands.

“These companies must confirm they will no longer be accepting bookings and will withdraw these adverts.

“Those who flout the rules and go on such vacations are putting people’s lives at risk – particularly in communities where there are geographical pressures.

“I commend those companies who have heeded the advice and stopped holiday bookings during this pandemic.

“That is the right and responsible thing to do – no one should be putting profits before people’s lives.

“I urge people not to travel this Easter weekend.

“As frustrating as it may be, it is vital that all of us stay at home.”

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