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Highland Council Bus Services on The Black Isle 

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The Highland Council would like to update a previously-issued statement regarding changes to transport provision in the Black Isle, and clarify the continuity of the Ferintosh Wee Bus in the midst of these changes.

Since 1 April, the Council’s In-House Bus service have been operating a timetabled service to fill the gap left by the withdrawal of Community Support & Information, Ross-shire (CSIR) from weekday/daytime delivery of Wee Bus services. 

Chair of the Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Ken Gowans said:

“Community Support and Information, Ross-shire (CSIR) have sadly made the difficult decision to withdraw from delivery of daytime journeys for the Ferintosh Wee Bus.

“However, I’m delighted to announce that our In-House bus team have stepped in to provide a scheduled day-time service to support the communities affected.”

This scheduled service seeks to replace the gap left by CSIR’s departure.

There will continue to be demand-responsive transport available in addition to the scheduled service, thanks to the efforts of volunteer administrators and drivers within the Ferintosh community.

The Wee Bus continues to provide demand-responsive transport, which is recognised to be vital for individuals with specific needs for whom the timetabled service isn’t suitable.

For those wishing to make a booking on the Wee Bus, they can phone 07387 364541 or email weeferintoshbus@gmail.com

This exemplifies, yet again, the innovative and collaborative approach that has defined transport projects from the outset of the Wee Bus project enabling a robust response to the varied transport needs of the area.

Looking further ahead, the Council’s Passenger and School Transport team are working with Ferintosh Community Council to develop a continuity plan beyond the interim arrangements, which presents exciting opportunities for innovative and sustainable transport provision tailored to the affected communities’ needs.

These plans will continue to include the Wee Bus, representing the vibrant, community-led nature of meeting complex transport needs within the Black Isle.

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