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Alba Dub STV Stone Age Television

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Exclusion of ALBA and Greens from first election debate “shows blatant disregard for political and gender balance”

“STV’s contemptuous attitude to their licence obligations shows an organisation unfit to hold a broadcasting license or faithfully represent the diverse politics of modern Scotland.”

This was said ALBA Party Chair, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh commenting on the exclusion of ALBA and the Greens from the first General Election debate.

Instead, STV have only invited the four male Holyrood leaders of the SNP, Labour, Tory and Greens.

“STV seem to be going out of their way to breach election guidelines on fairness and balance.

“If they had invited ALBA and the Greens then they could have had two women, Ash Regan and Lorna Slater on the panel.

“This not only would have been a welcome addition of women to the panel, it would have balanced the independence question in the debate.

“Instead, viewers will have foisted upon us four men whose best friends wouldn’t describe them as dynamic, interviewed by a male presenter.

“There is not even a studio audience to let a woman into the argument!

“STV should be renamed Stoneage TeleVision.

“ALBA are now competing in 20 seats across Scotland, twice the number required to secure a Party Election Broadcast.

“Among our candidates will be our two outgoing MPs, Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill.

“Neale was elected as an independent nationalist not SNP, while Kenny MacAskill is standing on a save Grangemouth platform.

“We are also supporting Angus Brendan MacNeil, the sitting MP for Nan h-Eileanan an lar as an independent nationalist.

“Two of the most recent polls for the Scottish Parliament now show ALBA at the level which previously gained seats for the Greens.

“In all, ALBA will be fielding or supporting no less than SIX candidates who have been MPs or MSPs.

“We are the only Party who seek a mandate for independence at each and every election.

“To exclude a Party mounting such a formidable challenge from election debates is a breach of licence conditions and an insult to Scotland.

“We have made a formal and accelerated complaint to the Regulator, Ofcom, while STV’s explanations are both spurious and fatuous.

“In ALBA’s opinion, STV are biasing the election and simply unfit to hold their Scottish Broadcasting licence.”

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