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Friday, June 21, 2024

Alba Launch Highland Manifesto

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After decades of being ignored by Westminster and now being ignored by Holyrood due to The SNP’s centralist policies, Alba has launched a Highland Manifesto which aims to secure a brighter and equitable future for all our communities here in the highlands.

This is a good thing, it is time that The Highlands had a voice and was represented properly, we Highlanders and The Highlands have been ignored for far too long.

We need a voice and Alba is prepared to give us one through their Highland Manifesto.

For too long now Alba has been derided by mainstream press, written off as a party of SNP malcontents and extremists, I can assure you that this is not the case, having spoken with Steve Chisholm the Alba candidate for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross we found out that Alba has Scotland and most importantly to us Highlanders, the Highlands at the heart of its policies.

The Alba Party’s Highland Manifesto focuses on addressing specific issues and promoting policies that are particularly relevant to the Highlands and Islands.

Our region has unique economic, social, and cultural characteristics, and the manifesto aims to cater to the needs and aspirations of its residents.

Alba’s key commitment is that a vote for Alba is a vote for independence and home rule for The Highlands.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have a say, have a voice and be heard in the corridors of power.

Steve Chisholm with Alex Salmond

Steve Chisholm Alba Candidate fro Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross had this to say:

“Your journey towards a brighter most prosperous future begins here as we launch the Alba Highland Manifesto, a comprehensive vision for the transformation of the highlands.

“We are, I believe, the first party to produce a specific manifesto for the region, Alba cares, Alba gets it.

“Our manifesto is much more than a document.

“It’s a declaration of shared aspirations, and a roadmap for the future.

“At its core, it embodies our commitment to Scottish independence, and home rule for here in the highlands.

“We believe that the power to govern our region must reside with the people who live here.

“The UK government has made it clear that another lawful referendum is off the table and the Supreme Court’s decision in November 22, has limited the Scottish Parliament’s ability to hold its own referendum on independence.

“But this only strengthens our resolve.

“A vote for Alba is a vote for independence, and for home rule for the highlands.

“Independence isn’t just a political aspiration for us, it is a necessary step to transform the highlands.

“Our region has long suffered from depopulation, under investment and inequality, with independence, we can reverse this economic decline, focus on what is best for our communities, and deliver home rule for the highlands.

“This means investing in infrastructure that supports our local needs, building affordable housing to retain our young people and providing pathways to well paid jobs, and ensuring that the public services we have are tailored to our unique circumstances.

“We believe in local governance by local people for the people, and empowering our communities to shape their own future with real transformative powers.

“A critical aspect of our vision is the decentralisation of power, and taxation.

“The centralised policies have consistently failed the highlands leading to neglect and mismanagement, by decentralising powers from both Hollywood and Westminster, we can ensure the decisions affecting our region are made here reflecting our needs and our priorities.

“We’re on the cusp of renewables boom, widely expected to eclipse the oil boom of the 70s with the highlands being central to the future of the Scottish economy, and the UK’s net zero and energy security targets.

“History has taught us that profit is too often put above the needs of our communities.

“The communities whose resources get exploited.

“The Alba party demands that our communities must be central to the renewables revolution, and they must realise real and lasting benefits with investment in our infrastructure, high value job opportunities for our young, affordable housing investment, and exceptional locally delivered public services.”

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