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Am Are

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By Ann Macdonald, Transformational Coach at bephenomenal.co.

What has ‘AM ARE’ got to do with health?

‘AM ARE’ is a Scottish colloquialism mainly from central west Scotland that is supposedly incorrect grammatically and yet it fits with a really important concept for health and wellbeing.

I AM is the singular whole individual that exists TO BE

WE ARE is the collective whole of trillions of cells TO BE who I AM

I AM and WE ARE both originate from the doing verb TO BE = TO EXIST


Connected and integrated together I AM and WE ARE is a perfect description of who we are and how we function as humans in order to exist or TO BE.

I AM originated from the Latin word EGO which simply meant I AM.

Historically there has been a great deal of criticism and condemnation of the ‘EGO’ – which has often been regarded with disdain as the selfish, self-centred part of us humans.

Several religions have gone to great length to say the EGO has to be subdued, suppressed, quashed, restrained, conquered, crushed, stifled, repressed, silenced and smothered.

Modern psychology, through Sigmund Freud, the father of both modern psychology and psychiatry, views the EGO as problematic having immature drives and impulses from childhood developmental experiences that rule us into adulthood in the form of beliefs, habits and patterns.

The EGO is treated as if it is holding us back from progressing into BEING mature, stable and well balanced healthy human BEINGS.

Why would you diminish your potential TO BE by doing this to yourself?

What are the consequences of contradicting your very existence?

What affect does this negation of yourself and your existence have on your mind?

Denying yourself destroys the I AM and the ability TO BE YOURSELF – to exist as yourself. Without I AM you cease to exist and it is contradictory to the mind to cease to exist – no matter how many self-deprecating, self-destructive and suicidal thoughts we have had in our lives.

WE ARE made TO BE so how can it be sensible or reasonable to be in denial of the EGO, the I AM?

I AM IS BEING and without it we are nothing, we do not exist.

Even suggest to the mind to do something that means you cease to exist is to put the mind into overdrive to survive.

The mind reacts against the word ‘loss’ as it is losing what makes us survive.

I believe that embracing, accepting and even loving the ‘I AM’ as the ability to take care of what ‘WE ARE’, is the healthy encompassment of all aspects of ourself – the conscious, the unconscious and the Superconscious, as one whole BEING, as ‘AM ARE’

For good health – TO BE a whole integrated human BEING – connect with, communicate with, care for, treat with compassion, trust and love living ‘AM ARE TO BE ME!’

Accept that you can’t get rid of a part of yourself but you can upgrade the functioning within yourself.    

Be aware of your reactions and if you recognize that you are responding in the same way as a wee child, then imagine giving that wee child, that is a part of you, a great big hug and say, “It’s ok, together we are ok, I am here to look after you as the big person I am now as I have learned mature ways of BEING that are easier and nicer for us… so let’s have fun doing things the way that leads to happy reactions and happy results…” and your inner child, who has been branded a pesky unwanted EGO, will love you for your care, guidance and support and be happy to upgrade reactions, responses and behaviour…for the benefit of your whole BEING as “AM ARE!”

Ann Macdonald, Transformational Coach at bephenomenal.co

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