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Anas Sarwar Challenged Over Keir Starmers Thatcher Praise

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SNP Westminster Leader, Stephen Flynn, has written to Anas Sarwar following Sir Keir Starmer’s lavish praise for Margaret Thatcher.
In a letter to the Scottish Labour leader, Mr Flynn asked if he agreed with his boss that Thatcher brought ‘meaningful change’ and ‘set loose our natural entrepreneurialism’.
Commenting Mr Flynn said:
“It really sticks in the throat to read a labour leader heap praise on an individual that wreaked havoc on our communities leaving parts of Scotland in terminal decline and engrained poverty for decades.
“For Sir Keir Starmer to describe entire communities decimated for generations as ‘meaningful change’ is an insult to Scots the length and breadth of the country.
“The question is now whether Labour in Scotland will stand by these despicable comments and stand shoulder to shoulder with Starmer just as they did on Gaza, or will they finally speak up for Scotland.
“Thatcher’s legacy is not one to be celebrated and any politician worth their salt should be able to say so.”

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