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And They Call it Puppy Love!

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One third of pet owners prefer their pet to their partner.

With many people celebrating their pet ownership during National Pet Month, a recent survey conducted by Asda Money with 2,000 UK ‘pet parents’ reveals the extent of Brits true love for their pets.

It was discovered in the research that nearly a third of pet owners preferred their pet over their partner (29%), and this sentiment rose significantly in certain regions such as Greater London and Wales (37%).

One third of people said they seek comfort from their pets instead of their partners when they feel sad.

This was most prevalent amongst women in relationships, with 38 per cent seeking comfort from their cat or dog when they are feeling down.

This new research also found that men are the most likely to miss their partner when they are apart from them (67%), while women are the most likely to miss their cat or dog more (25%).

This is maybe understandable, given that on average Brits spend around seven hours with their pet each day.

Good listening is often considered an important factor in a relationship.

In the study it was discovered that one in five pet owners state that their beloved cat or dog is a better listener than anyone they know.

When it comes to jealousy in a relationship, nearly one third (31%) said that their partner is envious of the attention they give their pet.

Alistair Ball, Head of Insurance at Asda Money, commented on the research findings:

“Pets are always there for us during the ups and downs, and their owners rightly take comfort in the affection they show to them.

“Our pets provide us with company, emotional support and loyalty.” 

Wajeeha Amin, Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach also commented:

“When was the last time you listened to your partner?

“Really listened?

“If you think about it, most of us listen to respond not to understand.

“Sometimes all we need is someone to just listen to us, and I guess that’s what our pet is providing us with a space to be heard with no interruptions, solutions, quick fixes, reprimands or accusations.”

Pets are a part of our family unit and it is vital that owners have the right insurance to keep them well looked after.

Asda Money’s pet insurance policies, underwritten by Fairmead Insurance, offer a 24-hour Vet Advice line and a multi-pet discount.

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