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Angus MacNeil MP Welcomes General Election

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Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP Angus MacNeil welcomes the announcement of a General Election, an action which he says is long overdue.

Commenting Mr MacNeil said:

“Clearly the Tories have run out of steam, Rishi Sunak has decided to ‘do a Theresa May’ with an unexpected announcement and I understand some Tory MPs are wishing they got rid of Sunak earlier, they are not in a good situation.

“Labour’s Keir Starmer is an imitation of Rishi Sunak with much the same policies with a very light red tinge.

“For myself,  I look forward to standing as an independent, which I have been for the last year, I am continuing to offer my services to the people of Na h-Eileanan an Iar.

“I am confident about this election, especially given it is the 4th of July which is independence day, independent for independence.

“It is looking like this next parliament will be in need of independent voices who are not afraid to talk truth to power, too many Labour nodding dogs will not be a good thing.

“As an independent MP, I continue to assist a large number of constituents every week as I have always done.

“My constituents will have seen no difference in the last year since I parted ways with SNP, other than I have no restrictions of party membership and am able to act and vote on what I think is best for my constituency.

“I hope to be successful in the election on the 4th of July to have the privilege of serving the people of the Na h-Eileanan an Iar again following this election.

“I would also urge constituents to apply for a postal vote if they are planning a summer holiday the first week in July, so they do not miss out on their democratic right to vote.”

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