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Annoying Driving Habits Across The UK Revealed

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The International Drivers Association has carried out a poll to discover the driving habits that really annoy us on the highways.

The IDA asked 2500 drivers throughout the UK to uncover the actions that truly irk us when we’re driving. Some of the survey’s multiple questions highlights show: 

  • 68% of drivers say that white van drivers make them more nervous
  • 54% think that Range Rovers can’t park properly
  • 32% of drivers think that Fiat 500 drivers are more likely to drive recklessly, not indicating or using correct lanes.
  • 27% think that BMW drivers hog the fast lanes on motorways

The top 5 habits that makes us angry are are: 

Parking Issues: Difficulty finding parking spots, improper parking (e.g., taking up multiple spaces), or blocking other vehicles can provoke annoyance among drivers trying to navigate parking areas.

Tailgating: When drivers follow too closely behind, it can be frustrating and create a sense of unease, especially at higher speeds. 

Slow Drivers in the Fast Lane: Drivers who occupy the left/fast lane at a slower pace than the surrounding traffic can cause frustration and disrupt the flow of traffic.

Distracted Driving: Seeing other drivers engaged in distracting activities like texting, talking on the phone, eating, or applying makeup can be exasperating, as it compromises safety for all road users.

Failure to Use indicators : When drivers neglect to use their turn signals or wait until the last moment to indicate their intentions, it can be irritating and makes it difficult for others to anticipate their next move.

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