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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Ariane Burgess MSP Welcomes Launch of New Deal for Tenants

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33 000 Tenants in the Highlands and Islands private rented sector are set to get new rights thanks to Greens in government.

Minister for Tenants’ Rights Patrick Harvie has launched a new consultation on proposals that will see rent controls, new protections against eviction and the right to redecorate and keep pets.

Commenting, Scottish Greens Highlands and Islands MSP Ariane Burgess MSP (pictured) said:

“Everyone has a right to a secure and affordable home, and Greens in government will enhance that right with new protections for private tenants in the Highlands and Islands.

“For too long insecurity and poor conditions have been far too common in the private rented sector, and we’ve seen rents increase, even during the pandemic.

“That’s why we need a New Deal for Tenants, with action on unfair evictions and new rights to allow tenants make their house a home.

“Scottish Greens are on the side of tenants.

“This ambitious programme of reform is being led by Greens in government and will have an impact in every part of Scotland, which is why more Green councillors are needed to make it work for communities at a local level.”

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