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Saturday, September 23, 2023

BBC Leaders Debate – Nicola Sturgeon Only Candidate Offering Experienced Leadership

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Tonight’s BBC Leaders’ Debate again showed Nicola Sturgeon as the only candidate vying to be First Minister at this election, with the strong leadership needed to lead Scotland through the pandemic and into recovery.

While Nicola Sturgeon set out the SNP’s bold policies to drive recovery such as a National Care Service and action to stabilise the economy, opposition parties proved they have no clear vision for Scotland’s future and are focused on negativity and arguing amongst themselves.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross also unbelievably refused to apologise to those in the fishing industry who were promised a “sea of opportunity” then let down by Boris Johnson’s catastrophic hard Brexit.

SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“Tonight’s final Leaders’ Debate showed that Nicola Sturgeon is the only credible candidate for First Minister at this election – with Labour and the Tories dodging important questions and setting out no clear vision for Scotland’s recovery.

“To ensure a strong recovery from Covid we need an experienced hand at the wheel, and bold, ambitious policies like a new National Care Service, more affordable homes, and action to tackle climate change and child poverty.

“These are serious times which require serious leadership – not opposition parties fighting amongst themselves for second place and dodging the serious questions voters want answered.

“Giving both votes to the SNP on Thursday will guarantee the strong, experienced leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, and a recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic which works for every single person who lives here.”

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