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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Blackford – Johnson Must Be Held to Account

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The SNP has said the Tories are “completely out of touch” with voters – as polls show a majority of Scots think Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak should resign for breaking the law.

Polling by YouGov found two thirds (67%) of people in Scotland, and a majority (57%) of people across Britain, think Boris Johnson should resign after being fined for breaching his own lockdown laws.

The poll also found 82% of Scots think the Prime Minister knowingly lied about breaking the law, and two-thirds (68%) think Rishi Sunak should also resign.

Separately, polling by Opinium found 58% of people across the UK think Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak should resign, and 58% think the Prime Minister deliberately lied.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“The Tories are showing they are completely out of touch by arrogantly enabling Boris Johnson to remain in office despite lying to the public, misleading parliament and breaking the law.

“The Prime Minister must be held to account – an empty apology doesn’t cut it.

“When families were making huge sacrifices to obey Boris Johnson’s laws, he was breaking them and lying about it.

“It doesn’t get more serious.

“Instead of dodging scrutiny and reading from a script on TV, Boris Johnson must recall Parliament now so he can be held to account by MPs.

“The overwhelming majority of people want the Prime Minister and Chancellor to quit.

“That is the only decent thing to do.

“If they fail, they will do irreparable damage to public trust in the UK government.

“With the Tories embroiled in sleaze, and failing to tackle the cost of living crisis, people can make Scotland’s voice heard and send a message to Boris Johnson by voting SNP on 5th May.”

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