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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Blackford on Johnsons Expected Resignation

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Commenting on Boris Johnson’s expected resignation, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s resignation is welcome but for Scotland it changes very little – we’re still controlled by a Westminster system that saw fit to make him Prime Minister.

“Whoever replaces him, Scotland will still be saddled with a Tory government we didn’t vote for imposing Brexit, austerity cuts and damaging policies against Scotland’s will.

“And with all the Westminster parties fully signed up to a hard Brexit, it is clear a change of government alone cannot provide the real change that Scotland needs.

“The only way to escape the damage of Westminster control is to become an independent country, with the full powers needed to regain our place in Europe and build a fair and prosperous future.

“Whoever takes over from Boris Johnson must respect the democratic mandate Scotland has to hold an independence referendum so we can escape Westminster control for good.”

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