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Boost to Affordable Housing Supply

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Affordable homes completions at 23 year high. 

The number of affordable homes completions in the past year is the highest annual figure since 2000, the latest quarterly statistics show.

Almost 11,000 affordable homes were delivered in the year to end June 2023.

These homes ensure further progress towards achieving the Scottish Government’s target of delivering 110,000 affordable homes by 2032, with 70% of these for social rent and 10% in rural and island communities.

Housing Minister Paul McLennan said:

“I am pleased that the number of affordable homes completed in the latest year is the highest annual figure since 2000, supporting almost 11,000 households to have an affordable place to live.

“The combined challenges caused by a hard Brexit and economic mismanagement by the UK government have triggered various issues including the rising cost of construction supplies and workforce challenges.

“The housing sector has done incredible work to deliver homes in these circumstances and we will continue working with partners to mitigate these impacts.

“We are also making £3.5 billion available in this parliamentary term, towards the delivery of more affordable and social homes.

“Despite the challenges, since 2007, Scotland has seen over 40% more affordable homes delivered per head of population than in England, and over 70% more than in Wales.

“We have already delivered 13,354 homes towards our next target of 110,000 affordable homes in Scotland by 2032.”

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