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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Boris Johnson’s Slush Fund to Redecorate his Flat

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The SNP has demanded clarity from Prime Minister Boris Johnson (pictured) for planning to use a secret charity fund to cover the costs of his flat refurbishment.

The Prime Minister has reportedly claimed that he is struggling to fund the makeover of his Downing Street flat, and will now have a Tory benefactor run the charity on his behalf.

The news comes before the Tory UK Budget, which is expected to cut public sector pay and fail to make the lifeline £20 a week Universal Credit uplift permanent.

Commenting, SNP Shadow Leader Pete Wishart said:

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Boris Johnson has his priorities all wrong.

“He’d rather focus on purchasing nice cushions than supporting the UK’s most vulnerable families during a global pandemic.

“The Prime Minister brings in an annual salary of £150,000.

“Setting up a slush fund to pay for the refurbishment of his Downing Street flat is grossly inappropriate.

“It reeks of secrecy and, unless all the accounts are fully published, suspicion will linger about where the money is coming from and whether anything has been offered in return.

“At a time when the Tories have failed to commit to extending the furlough scheme, and have failed to commit to making the £20 a week Universal Credit uplift permanent, this decision is beyond shameful.

“Scotland can do so much better than this.

“We have an opportunity in May to set out our own path and put any future decisions in the hands of the Scottish people.

“That means both votes SNP at the election in May.

“It’s time for Scotland’s future to be in Scotland’s hands – not those of Boris Johnson and his Westminster Tories.”

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