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Brae High School Pupils Attend YPI National Event

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Four S4 pupils recently travelled to Perth to represent Brae High School at the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) National Event.

Hannah Williamson, Clair Smith, Caelan Leask and Hansen Wood were successful in securing a £3000 YPI grant for the Compass Centre in Lerwick, in March of this year. 

As a result they were invited to represent their school at the YPI event.  

Scottish-based charity The Wood Foundation, which supports YPI, invited 1000 pupils and teachers from across Scotland to recognise the achievements of young people, partners and charities engaged with YPI. 

The event showcased the talent and creativity of young people and included motivational speakers and inspirational music to encourage reconnection and reflection amongst young people.

Pupil Hannah Williamson commented:

“It was amazing to see how all the people our age had done great things for themselves and for other people. 

“Some of the information about problems in Scotland was shocking and really made you think. 

“I would advise any young person to get involved in YPI as you learn a lot and your confidence can grow.”

The four pupils were accompanied by Principal teacher Valerie Watt and ASN teacher Emma Nicolson. 

Mrs Watt commented:

“What a fantastic celebration of young people and what they can achieve. 

“It was so refreshing to see young people being inspired by their peers to do what they can to have a positive impact in their local community.”

Brae High School would like to thank Northlink Ferries and YPI Scotland for sponsoring travel to the event. 

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