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Brexit Accelerating Attack on Worker’s Rights

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Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick yesterday hit out at the UK Government’s Post Brexit attack on workers’ Rights in a debate in the Scottish Parliament.

In her speech, Ms Roddick highlighted the UK Government’s increased attacks on the rights of workers through the Retained EU Law Bill, the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses (Amendment) Regulations 2022, and the new Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill.

Commenting Ms Roddick said:

“The UK Government’s Retained EU Law Bill rips up 47 years of progress on workers’ rights, all to meet the Conservative Government’s race to the bottom ideology, putting at risk working time regulations, paid leave (annual, maternal and parental) and even rights to breaks.

“For all its rhetoric the UK Government’s attack on the rights of workers and its efforts to deregulate whatever it can isn’t even boosting the economy.

“The IMF has predicted recently that the UK is the only country in the G7 that faces economic decline—a worse decline than that forecast for Russia.

“It has been quite clear for a while that Brexit has been a disaster for Scotland, it has damaged our economy, driven away those from the EU who worked in our health and care sectors, and now has opened up the rights of workers for Tory attacks.

“Without the power of independence, Scotland is only able to voice its opposition to such policies rather than taking the action sorely needed to protect our economy and protect the rights of workers.”

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