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Brexit Anniversary Poll Suggests 80% of Scots Think Brexit Process is Not Done

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Polling by YouGov suggests 80% of Scots think the Brexit process is not done – the highest of any part of Great Britain polled – with 72% across Great Britain believing the Brexit process is not done.

Additional Brexit anniversary polling by YouGov suggests 47% of people in Scotland think the UK is economically worse off because of Brexit (43% for Great Britain) and 50% believe the UK has less influence in the world as a result of Brexit (39% for Great Britain).

Commenting, Michael Russell, political director of the SNP’s independence unit, said:

“Yet again polls point to how damaging Brexit is – both for the economy and the UK’s international reputation.

“It also underlines how the 2014 promise by the anti-independence campaign that voting ‘No’ meant staying in the EU was just plain wrong.

“Scotland did not vote for Brexit and as the Scottish Government’s new Brexit analysis of yesterday shows it is now having to endure an ever-lengthening catalogue of economic damage against its wishes.

“It’s also becoming clear that the over-hyped trade deals the Westminster Government trumpets are just not enough to compensate for the loss of EU markets for Scottish businesses.

“Whilst the response to the pandemic remains our key concern, it is clear the damage of Brexit means Scotland has a right to consider its future when the crisis is over.

“As an independent country, Scotland will be in a partnership of equals with the rest of the UK and the EU instead of having to put up with Westminster governments we don’t vote for, and the people who live here will decide how we rebuild our country after the pandemic.”

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