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Brexit Border Checks Set to Cost Scotland £380 Million

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The SNP has said “Scotland deserves better than a costly Brexit we didn’t vote for” after research showed new border checks could cost Scotland £380 million.
Reports have revealed post-Brexit border checks are forecast to cost the UK £4.7 billion. 
Scotland’s share of this Brexit bill, based on its population, equates to £378,803,479.50 – almost £380 million. 
This means the Brexit border checks are set to cost each Scot £69.35, or each Scottish household £148.55 as people continue to struggle with Westminster’s cost-of-living crisis, which is more than the average cost of a weekly shop at £41.
Commenting, the SNP’s EU and EU Accession spokesperson, Alyn Smith MP said:
“Scotland’s households and businesses are paying a heavy price for this broken, Brexit Britain. 
“We never voted for Brexit and we never voted for the Westminster government that has fuelled the cost of living crisis with a raft of poor economic decisions.
“And Sir Keir Starmer has made it clear that things won’t change under a Labour government with his England only key pledges and his support for Brexit and austerity.

“Scotland’s values and interests will continue to be ignored and our budgets hammered.
“Voting SNP in the next election is the only way to ensure Scotland and its people are represented and on the path to independence inside the EU and back in the Single Market.”

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