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Brexit Bureaucracy Hitting Scotland The Hardest

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The SNP has criticised the UK Tory government over the damage being inflicted by its extreme Brexit deal – with figures revealing that Scotland’s trade with the EU is being hit the hardest.

Speaking at International Trade Questions in the House of Commons, SNP MP Drew Hendry warned how Scotland’s exports are facing a “kamikaze blow” as a result of Boris Johnson’s botched Brexit agreements.

Analysis from Warwick University’s Dennis Novy showed the UK’s overall trade performance with the EU had fallen by 27% during the first quarter of 2021 – with Scotland’s trade fall even higher at 29%.

Commenting, the SNP’s Shadow International Trade spokesperson Drew Hendry MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit has been a disaster for Scotland from the outset.

“It is savaging our economy with mountains of added costs, red tape, and barriers to trade with our European neighbours – a market seven times the size of the UK.

“The stats don’t lie.

“For every £245 that Brexit costs, our new trade deal with Australia will recoup only £1 – and if we ever conclude a trade deal with America, which looks less likely by the day, it would only recoup a mere £10.

“Our deal with New Zealand would only recoup 50p, and our deal with Canada would only return around £1.50.

“The pattern is clear – our exports are facing a kamikaze blow.

“There are no upsides to Brexit – demonstrated not just by statistics in the UK, but in other countries too, including in the EU which is faring much better than the UK.

“With Brexit there is just a growing list of downsides, and it speaks volumes that five years on from the EU referendum the Tories are yet to identify a single meaningful benefit among the sea of broken promises.

“Boris Johnson once said, in language that cannot be shared in polite media, that he didn’t care what business thought about Brexit.

“That alone clearly demonstrates the position our Prime Minister takes on the issue, and the importance of why Scotland must take a different path.

“The only way to keep Scotland safe from the long-term damage of his brand of dangerous isolationism is to become an independent country, with the full powers needed to secure a strong, fair and equal recovery and regain the economic benefits of EU membership.”

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