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Brexit Costs Scots Households Nearly £900 as Exports Nose-Dive

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Brexit has cost Scottish households the equivalent of nearly £900 as exports have nose-dived since the UK left the European Union.

Stats earlier this week from HMRC show Scottish exports have plummeted by £2.2bn over the past two years since Brexit, which is the equivalent of £869.97 per household in Scotland.

The drop in trade is also equivalent to £401.47 per person in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP MSP Siobhian Brown said:

“Brexit is doing irreparable damage to Scotland’s economy and it is the people and industry of Scotland who are losing out.

“The only way we can unleash Scotland’s full potential and flourish is by becoming independent and re-joining the largest single market in the world, which is seven times bigger than the UK.

“Under Tory Brexit, which Labour now fully support, the UK is on the road to economic disaster and Scotland is being taken along for the ride whilst our European neighbours continue to outperform the UK in a number of areas.

“They are more prosperous, fairer and have lower poverty levels than the UK.

“Scotland’s world-class industries are being slammed by the double-whammy of Brexit and the Tory cost of living crisis.

“That is then having a devastating effect on Scotland’s economy with households losing out to an equivalent of nearly £900 as trade nose-dives.

“There is no alternative to the disastrous broken Brexit Britain under Westminster control.

“With Labour signed up as a fully-fledged pro-Brexit party, the decline will continue for Scotland no matter who is in power.

“That is why the only way for Scotland to escape the chaos at Westminster is as an independent country with a seat at the top table, in the European Union.”

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