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Friday, March 1, 2024

Brexit Doesn’t Work

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Commenting on research from Ireland’s Economic and Social Research Institute, showing trade from the UK to the EU is down 16% on projected levels pre-Brexit,  Pete Wishart MP said:

“Despite overwhelmingly rejecting it, Westminster has imposed its deeply damaging Brexit on Scotland against our will – wreaking havoc on our economy and crippling our hard-working exporters. This shows clearly that Brexit doesn’t work.

“The economic vandalism of the Tories – which Labour’s Keir Starmer now fully supports – knows no bounds.

“Across Scotland businesses were already struggling because of Brexit red tape, but Liz Truss’ premiership has seen the pound tank, bills soar and forced unprecedented intervention from the Bank of England to protect UK pensions.

“Scotland has also lost the economic and social impact of those from the EU who would have chosen to live and work here but have been turned off by the horrific rhetoric from the UK government, who have pulled up the drawbridge to our European neighbours?

“While independent Ireland enjoys full access to the EU Single Market, Customs Union and Freedom of Movement, Scotland is held back by Westminster governments.

“That’s why we need the full powers of independence – and why the Scottish government is committed to giving the people of Scotland that choice.”

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