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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Brexit Makes NHS Staffing Crisis Worse

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Responding to a new report by the Nuffield Trust showing Brexit has made the NHS staffing crisis worse, the SNP’s Europe and EU Accession spokesperson, Alyn Smith MP, said:

“The Tory government were warned repeatedly by the SNP and others of the impact their hard Brexit and the loss of freedom of movement would have on trade and labour shortages in Scotland and the UK – particularly in the NHS.

“They chose to ignore those warnings.

“This report, along with many others, makes clear that Brexit is a key factor in the NHS staffing crisis.

“Independence is Scotland’s only route back to the EU and freedom of movement – it’s time the UK government allowed us a referendum on the issue.

“If the Tory government wanted to solve the UK’s NHS crisis they would ditch their hostile environment and reform the draconian migration system to allow us to recruit the workers we need.

“But the Tories continue to refuse to listen to common sense.

“Scotland never voted for Brexit or this Tory government, yet they dragged us out of the EU anyway.

“We commissioned and published a report showing how Scotland could retain freedom of movement after Brexit, which would have helped to address our depopulation issue and prevent labour shortages – this was ignored.”

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