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Broon’s Brigadoon is a Labour Myth

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Disney films are more believable than fictitious proposals on constitutional reform.

The SNP has labelled Gordon Brown’s latest leaked Labour paper proposing constitutional reform as “Broon’s Brigadoon”, a plan that “magically emerges from the mists before vanishing as quickly as it appeared”.

The latest version includes the mythical Labour plan to abolish the anachronistic House of Lords – a proposal Labour first made in 1910 which remains undelivered 112 years later; and the proposals for replacing the Lords have appeared in their past four manifestos with the replacement specifically being a Senate of the Nations and Regions in the past three manifestos – which Gordon Brown announced more than two years ago.

And the reports detail no new powers for Scotland with suggestions that the constitutional reforms will only apply to England.

The latest in Gordon Brown’s notorious interventions into the constitutional debate is also a reminder of his promises before the 2014 referendum that a ‘No’ vote would make the UK “as close to a federal state” as possible and offered ‘home rule within UK’.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“Labour has been promising to abolish the Lords for the past 112 years but, despite having been in government six times since for a total of 33 years, it has never come close to honouring that promise.

“There are Disney films more believable than Broon’s Brigadoon.

“This is just another repeat of his same old, same old which magically emerges from the mists before vanishing as quickly as it appeared.

“Labour really do appear to think that the backs of the Scottish people’s heads button up the back.

“Scots will see through this and recognise it offers Scotland nothing.

“It provides zero protection from Brexit, Westminster austerity cuts, Liz Truss’s latest Budget obscenity, power grabs and repeated Tory governments we don’t vote for.

“Broon’s Brigadoon is not just fictitious, it’s now so watered-down it also breaks his promise in 2014 that Scotland would have the maximum possible devolution and the ‘closest thing to federalism’ within two years.

“Independence is the only way to get rid of the Tories for good and to escape the damage of Westminster control by securing the permanent change needed to build a more equal, prosperous future.”

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