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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Budget Bill Introduced to Parliament

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Scrutiny of Government spending plans.

Proposed legislation to implement the 2024-25 Scottish Budget has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament.

The Budget Bill gives Parliament the opportunity to scrutinise the Scottish Government’s public spending proposals.

Committees will take evidence on the plans before MSPs debate the Bill’s general principles in the Chamber.

The Finance and Public Administration Committee then consider the detail of the Bill and any Government amendments ahead of the Parliament’s final debate and vote on whether the Bill should become law.

Proposed income tax rates and bands, which will apply from April, are set out in a Scottish Rate Resolution that is subject to a separate vote before the final stage of the Bill.

Underpinned by a ‘social contract’ with the people of Scotland, the Budget sets out targeted funding to invest in public services and protect the most vulnerable in the face of a deeply challenging financial situation.

It includes a £6.3 billion investment in social security and more than £19.5 billion for health and social care, alongside record funding for local authorities and frontline police and fire services.

Deputy First Minister and Finance Secretary Shona Robison said:

“As I set out in Parliament, this is a Budget that reflects our shared values as a nation and speaks to the kind of Scotland we want to be.

“Through the choices we have made, we have been true to our values and rigorous in prioritising spending where it will have the most impact.

“The spending plans we have set out are the product of constructive engagement with partners.

“The wider financial circumstances are the most challenging since the Scottish Parliament was established in 1999, reflecting a worst case scenario UK Government Autumn Statement and the economic circumstances of Britain post-Brexit.

“As members begin the crucial work of scrutinising these plans, I remain committed to dialogue to build consensus across Parliament on the difficult choices that need to be made to deliver investment in Scotland’s people and public services.”

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