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Bus Users Calls on Passengers to #bebuskind

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Bus Users is promoting a new hashtag and messaging on social media, encouraging people to be tolerant and respectful of each other on public transport.

#bebuskind comes after a short survey by Bus Users found high levels of concern around the wearing of face coverings on buses.

A number of passengers with genuine medical exemptions have also contacted the charity in person, having been challenged or abused when travelling without a face covering.

With Scotland facing even tougher restrictions on travel, Bus Users is urging passengers to be kind to each other and to obey the rules on social distancing.

The charity’s Director for Scotland, Greig Mackay said: 

“Buses are a vital lifeline and we need to ensure that anyone who needs to travel can do so safely and with confidence.

“We are encouraging all passengers to follow Government guidelines when making essential journeys.

“That includes wearing a face covering if you are able to, and respecting anyone who may be exempt.

“We want people to understand that not all exemptions are obvious or visible.”

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