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Businesses in The Highlands & Islands Would Benefit From Operating in an Independent Scotland

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MSP for the Highlands and Islands Emma Roddick believes that businesses in the Highlands and Islands would benefit from operating in an independent Scotland, compared to the current setup.

Many businesses in the region have struggled with staffing since the UK left the EU, despite Scotland voting overwhelmingly in favour of remaining a member. 

This, alongside tightening of immigration rules, has seen many sectors – including healthcare, hospitality, and agriculture – struggle to recruit.

Speaking on the benefits of doing business in an independent Scotland, Emma said:

“The SNP has always supported the small businesses that keep communities across the Highlands and Islands going.

“However, these businesses have struggled massively as a direct result of Scotland being removed from the European Union, despite 62% of us voting to remain.

“I have spoken with many business owners who have struggled with staffing issues due to us losing our EU membership, leading to a lack of workers which causes some to reduce hours or close completely. 

“It is obvious that decisions made in England around migration, trade, and questions such as EU membership, often have a massive negative impact on Scottish businesses.

“We have been clear that an independent Scotland would have the option to choose its own path, allowing businesses to trade and recruit more freely, widening their opportunities and increasing the workforce available to businesses across the Highlands and Islands.”

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