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Caithness Venture Puts Kids on Write Track

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A Caithness woman is looking to book some future bestsellers for her new literary venture.

Debbie Murphy, Owner and CEO of freshly-launched RainFox Publishing, is inviting writers of all ages, including children, to submit their stories.

The new Thurso-based publishing house aims to produce print and e-book editions across all genres.

In its debut collection RainFox aims to break traditional publishing mode by  producing children’s books, authored by children themselves.

“Even if your child’s story is brimming with spelling or grammar errors, don’t let that deter them,” Ms Murphy said.

“We’re here to help them unleash the potential of their narrative and provide them with the chance to share it with the world.”

RainFox Publishing’s debut collection aims to fill its online store with a minimum of ten captivating tales to spark the imagination of the reading public.

With a focus on quality, diversity, and inclusivity, RainFox Publishing aims to become a leading advocate for children’s literacy and creative expression thoughout Caithness and the Highlands.

“While our big difference lies in our focus on children’s books written by children, we also welcome submissions for adult books across all genres,” Ms Murphy said.

“We’re committed to showcasing the diverse voices and talents of authors from all walks of life.”

“We believe in the power of partnership and are committed to fostering a collaborative relationship with our authors.”

The CEO said that creative writing improves confidence, builds communication skills, and promotes mental well-being.

RainFox Publishing recognises the importance of nurturing creativity as a means of personal growth and enrichment.

RainFox Publishing is currently seeking submissions from writers.

Visit the publisher’s website at: www.rainfoxpublishing.co.uk

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