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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Celebrating Highland Art & Artists

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Forging & deepening creative connections

ROOTS Festival 2023, is Vivid Roots Collective’s first ever theatre festival for Highland and emerging theatre-makers.

Join them in celebrating the talented artists in the region, learning new skills, and meeting like-minded creatives with talks, workshops, performances and networking!

The festival is fully in-person at the Spectrum Centre in Inverness.

The venue has amazing transport links, situated at the bus station and a 2 minute walk from the train station in the city centre.

They are taking over all three of Spectrum’s main rooms with a quiet room upstairs for attendees who need to take a break. 

This year has been programmed in response to the recent report, FUTURES, which evidences the needs of emerging theatre-makers in the Highlands.

You can read the report, see the full digital programme, and learn more about the company on the website.

ROOTS is supported in-kind by the Spectrum Centre; funded in part by the National Lottery via Creative Scotland; and funded in part by Start-It! from the Social Entrepreneurs Fund, delivered by First Port.

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