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Plan Ahead as Aberdeen Low Emission Zone Comes into Force on June 1st

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With Aberdeen’s new Low Emission Zone coming into force in less than four weeks, motorists arriving by ferry from Orkney and Shetland are being urged to check their vehicles are compliant and plan their routes in advance.

In line with Scottish Government policy, the new zone – which aims to improve air quality – includes a short stretch of Market Street, close to the ferry terminal on Commercial Quay.

Drivers can avoid the LEZ by turning left on to Market Street, however turning right onto Market Street brings vehicles very close to the LEZ boundary, with no option to turn back.

Routes heading south can be accessed by North Esplanade West, Riverside Drive, Great Southern Road, and on to the Stonehaven road.

Routes to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI), the west, north-west, and north are most easily accessed via North Esplanade West, Riverside Drive, Holburn Street, South Anderson Drive, Anderson Drive, The Parkway and Ellon Road.

In line with LEZs in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Aberdeen’s LEZ is being introduced to reduce serious health risks by improving air quality in the city centre.

The Let’s Clear the Air campaign has been developed to provide information for everyone navigating their way around the city centre once the zone is enforced from Saturday, June 1.

The information campaign has been developed in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and Getabout to clearly communicate what and where the LEZ is, why it is being introduced and what motorists should do ahead of enforcement.

After June 1, drivers of vehicles which are not compliant face fines if they enter the LEZ area.

A spokesperson for Let’s Clear the Air said:

“With just a month to go until the LEZ becomes operational, this is a good opportunity to remind motorists, including our visitors from the islands to double check if their vehicle is compliant.

“They should take time to plan ahead if they are among the small percentage that will no longer be eligible to drive in the zone.

“Clearly marked routes and online videos will show motorists how to navigate their way around the city centre, safe in the knowledge that we’re ‘clearing the air’ while still being open to visitors and residents alike.

“The overarching aim is to help make the city centre a cleaner, greener, healthier and more attractive place in which to live, work and play, while still being accessible to all and with clear health benefits for residents, visitors and future generations.”

Concentrated around Union Street and the surrounding streets, the zone measures slightly under 1km2, representing just 0.5% of the total city area – and 10 of the 14 city centre car parks can still be accessed without entering the LEZ.

City centre business owner John Wigglesworth said there were many reasons for visitors to come to Aberdeen. 

“The city centre offers a thriving scene with theatres and museums, a renowned art gallery and plenty of shops to roam and enjoy, not to mention the bustling cafes, bars and restaurants,” he said.

“With around 86% of cars able to enter the city’s LEZ, and ten car parks located outside of it, there’s every reason to come into town and we look forward to continuing to welcome both visitors and all communities in Aberdeen.” 

Air pollution affects 9 out of 10 individuals living in urban areas, killing 2,500 people in Scotland each year and putting the population at risk of serious health conditions such as asthma, respiratory infections, allergies, heart attacks, strokes and other chronic diseases.

The introduction of LEZs in Scotland’s four largest cities is part of a Scottish Government initiative which seeks to address the serious health problems, particularly among children, attributed to poor air quality in city centres.

Glasgow’s LEZ was enforced 12 months ago and LEZ zones already exist in major cities across the rest of the UK and Europe.

To check if your vehicle is complaint, see a map of the LEZ and find out more about the Let’s Clear the Air campaign, visit www.getabout.org.uk

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