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Changing The Council’s Operating Model Could Release £24m as Part of 3-Year Budget Plan 

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Feedback from public and staff engagement emphasised the need for the Council to change how it operates in order to make improvements and sustainable efficiencies over the coming years.

The Budget saving proposals of £54m over three years are based on cost reduction, income generation, redesign and efficiency, underpinned by investment to deliver sustainable recurring changes and savings. 

Chair of Resources Cllr Derek Louden said:

“In the light of reducing budgets we need to change what we do and how we do it.

“Council jobs and services are important to communities and to support a thriving local economy and in order to sustain those jobs, we need a greater integration of teams and a less centralised operating model with reduced management costs.

“We estimate that nearly £24m could be saved over the next three years by changing the Council’s operating models through redesign, restructuring and improved procurement models.”

Chair of Education Committee, Cllr John Finlayson added:

“Co-location of services with other public bodies is one way which could provide an opportunity for us all to make savings, work better together and deliver better outcomes for local communities in both rural and urban areas.

“We have already demonstrated this working well in some locations.

“Food waste in our schools is another area where we could see greater efficiencies as well as environmental benefits.

“I am certain our young people would support and want to be involved in shaping positive changes in this respect.”

The budget paper sets out proposals for consideration by Members on 29 February.

Link to budget papers

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