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Cheeky Monster Sale of Single Cheeto

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Loch Ness Monster fans across the world are today bemused by attempts by an US based EBay seller to cash in on the global icon’s fame.

Texas based online shop Stamps, Sportscards, License Plates are selling a single Crunchy Cheeto piece removed from a bag of snacks for $310.00 (approx £232) just because it resembles Scotland’s famous resident.

The company, which states “We specialize in stamps, postal covers, sports cards, license plates, license plate frames, coins and other great collectables!”, listed the item on Saturday 27 November with an offer to ship it internationally for an additional $13.

“This is definitely one of the more enterprising attempts to make money off poor old Nessie” said Gary Campbell, Keeper of the Register of Sightings at Loch Ness.

“And for those in Scotland who might not know what Crunchy Cheetos are, just think of two cheesy puffs stuck together then deep fired and you’ll be about there.”

The seller, located in Spring, Texas has also made it clear that the item was “item was personally taken out of bag and stored”.

As a display piece they also confirm that it ‘stands up vertically’.

“We’ve seen lots of ideas over the years when it comes to cashing in on Nessie’s fame” said Mr Campbell, who has been recording sightings of the famous monster for over 25 years “but I think that anyone who bites on this offer with definitely been ‘Cheetoing’ themselves”.

EBay bidders can buy the item now with estimated delivery to Scotland before Christmas.

The Loch Ness Monster, which was first officially spotted in 565AD by St Columba, has been seen 1135 times since with the latest of six this year being on 26 August.

Something strange has also been seen on the Loch Ness webcam an additional 10 times this year making 2021 a busy year for Nessie watchers.

For Monster Cheeto eBay listing click here

For The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register click here

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