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Climate Change Committee Progress Report

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Commenting on the Climate Change Committee’s (CCC) Scottish Progress Report 2022, Net Zero Secretary Michael Matheson said:

“The Climate Change Committee’s advice is a timely reminder of the scale of the challenge faced by government, industry and civil society if we are to reduce Scotland’s emissions and play our role in limiting global warming.

“We fully acknowledge it will require truly transformational action across our society and economy, driven by government, as part of a national effort to tackle the climate emergency.

“Progress has been made – Scotland is already more than half way to net zero – but we are now entering the most challenging part of the journey to date, with a need to halve our emissions again within the next eight years.

“Significant steps have been taken in recent years to put in place the policy frameworks that will drive action and change on the ground.

“For example, plans to spend at least £1.8 billion over this parliament to decarbonise homes and buildings, facilitating the transition to renewable and low-carbon sources of energy, free bus travel for under 22s and an updated national planning framework that promotes developments that reduce carbon emissions.

“The action we are taking now will deliver significant emissions reductions in years to come.

“However, in many areas progress on reducing emissions in Scotland is dependent on decisions taken by the UK Government.

“They have not gone far enough, fast enough.

“The Scottish Government will continue to push the UK Government to deliver progress on areas that are currently reserved – such as the development of negative emissions technologies, energy regulation, and reviewing the way transport is taxed – as well as ensuring the journey to net zero is prioritised in four-nations discussions.

“We know that Scotland’s targets are among the most stretching in the world, but it is right to be continually ambitious on an issue that will affect our future generations.

“We are actively considering the CCC’s advice alongside work we have already started to prepare a new, detailed Climate Change Plan covering the period to 2040.”

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