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Clinic M Medical to Provide Life-Saving Ultrasound Scans in Highlands to Ease Two-Year NHS Waiting List

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A Highland private medical clinic has launched a new service that has the potential to save hundreds of lives in the north of Scotland.

As part of its new health services, Clinic M Medical’s MSK and pelvic ultrasound scanning can help detect and identify potential life-threatening conditions, including bladder, prostate and testicular cancer; as well as conditions such as PCOS, pelvic organ prolapse, fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease.

With Highland patients currently facing up to two years on NHS waiting lists for this and similar procedures, Clinic M Medical has the ability to provide vital diagnostic services to Highland and Island residents, now.

Managing director and founder of Clinic M Medical, Pauline Thomson said:

“In 2020, I was diagnosed with a rare condition, which ultimately led to a hysterectomy.

“The cause of my pain, which had been written off as the menopause, was only identified by a pelvic ultrasound scan – something which proved difficult to access on the NHS in the Highlands.

“The NHS is massively underfunded and hospital staff are stretched incredibly thin, therefore, providing access to life-saving scans and procedures like this, where patients can self-refer and don’t have to linger on waiting lists, is of huge importance to Highland and Island residents.”

NHS ultrasound scans are often referred from the Highlands and Islands to hospitals in Aberdeen and Stirling, potentially causing additional stress due to travelling on top of any health concerns.

Pauline added:

“Although Raigmore Hospital has the facilities, its waiting list is under extreme pressure, with patients having to hold off for up to two years before they are seen.

“Therefore, we’re both proud and fortunate to be able to provide a service where patients can quickly and easily access scans that could identify major health issues.

“All of our scans are performed by doctors and consultants – specialists in gynaecology and urology – meaning there is also no wait for analysis.

“Patients at Clinic M Medical have the benefit of instant feedback on their scans, meaning faster access to advice and quicker referrals to GPs.”

Clinic M Medical, formerly the Laser and Skin Clinic, was founded in 2017 by oral and dermatology specialist Pauline Thomson and consultant maxillofacial surgeon Mr Peter Grime.

The team uses cutting-edge technology and 60+ years combined expertise to provide leading diagnostics, surgery, aesthetic treatments and physical rehabilitation in its state-of-the-art clinic in Dochfour Country Estate, on the outskirts of Inverness.

For more information, visit www.clinicmmedical.co.uk or follow Clinic M Medical on Facebook or Instagram.

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