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Clueless Starmer’s Only Scottish Policy Unravels

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Stephen Flynn has said “it’s vital to vote SNP on 4th July to protect Scottish jobs and put Scotland’s interests first” – after Sir Keir Starmer admitted his damaging energy plans are a sham.

In an interview with BBC Good Morning Scotland today, Starmer was forced to admit ‘GB energy’ is “not an energy company” at all.

Instead it is an investment arm for the private sector.

The company won’t produce energy, it won’t sell energy, it won’t own any energy infrastructure – and it will be mostly reliant on the same private sector investment that industry experts are warning Starmer’s tax policies are deterring.

When asked if he understood that ” you would have to decouple green energy from the price of fossil fuels because that’s what’s keeping energy prices so high at the moment – have you any avenue or way of doing that?” 

Starmer’s policy unravelled further, admitting “well we are going to have to review that of course… we need to review that”.

Scottish energy industry experts have warned that the plans could destroy 100,000 Scottish energy jobs and deter £30billion in investment – due to increased taxes and a reduction in incentives to invest.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn MP said:

“This interview showed Keir Starmer is utterly clueless about the Scottish energy industry and his only Scottish policy has completely unravelled.

“His damaging plans for so-called ‘GB energy’ are a sham.

“Starmer has been forced to admit it isn’t an energy company, it won’t produce or sell energy – and it will rely on the same private investment that his policies are putting at risk.

“Industry experts have warned the proposals could destroy 100,000 Scottish jobs and deter billions of pounds in investment – and it would see Scotland’s energy wealth taken away and spent on nuclear projects in England.

“It’s no wonder Starmer has given up campaigning in the North East of Scotland when he knows his plans are so damaging and unpopular.

“In contrast, the SNP wants every penny of Scotland’s energy wealth spent in Scotland – to reduce household bills, create jobs and secure our green energy future.

“It shows why it’s vital to vote SNP on 4th July to protect Scottish jobs and put Scotland’s interests first.”

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