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Coastal Dangers and Lifesaving Advice Featured in New Radio Fillers

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A man who had fallen into water was successfully rescued thanks to lifesaving advice ‘Float to Live’ and a passer-by’s phone.

That’s the story behind just one of the new radio fillers released by His Majesty’s Coastguard, raising awareness and providing more guidance and tips on open water swimming and what to do in an emergency.

Out this month, one of the fillers reveals the dramatic moment a woman gets into trouble swimming in the sea.

A passer-by calls 999 Coastguard, which responds and rescues the swimmer without delay.

The second filler reminds listeners of the ‘Float to Live’ message.

A man follows this vital safety advice after falling in water during his coastal run.

Similar to the other filler, he’s rescued thanks to a passer-by who calls 999 and asks for the Coastguard.

Both of these short pieces highlight the importance of taking a mobile phone to the coast, as this is the easiest way to reach the Coastguard reliably and quickly.

From helicopters to lifeboats, HM Coastguard can then send the search and rescue assets required to assist and save those in need.

While respecting the water, carrying a phone and float to live are the safety messages in this series, the main purpose is to help everyone avoid dangers and stay safe while enjoying the coast.

Maritime Minister Baroness Vere, said:

“It’s great to see people enjoying our coasts and waters, especially over the summer months, but we must do so safely.

“The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is rightly highlighting how accidents can happen if we aren’t prepared for a day out at the beach, so it’s important to know what to do in an emergency and always carry a phone.”

Coastguard controller James Instance said:

“It’s so important to be prepared for a trip to the coast, whether it’s a day out or you’re simply passing through.

“You never know what can happen.

“These radio adverts may not be real incidents, but they show what can happen and what to do in an emergency.

“If you follow the safety advice in these clips you’ll be helping the Coastguard to help you.”

Listen out for the new radio fillers, as well as last year’s fillers on paddleboarding and cliff walking, on commercial radio stations, or visit the MCA and Coastguard social media pages to listen.

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