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Consent Granted for Europes First Commercial Scale Floating Wind Project

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The SNP’s Energy Security and Net Zero spokesperson, Dave Doogan MP has welcomed consent for an offshore floating wind project off the coast of Aberdeenshire, and other energy consents granted by the Scottish Government.

Marine Scotland gave consent to Green Volt Offshore Wind Farm, a decision which will unlock around £3 billion of investment, generate hundreds of jobs and will result in Europe’s first commercial scale floating wind development. 

Commenting Dave Doogan MP said:

“This puts Scotland at the forefront of the renewables energy revolution as the place to invest, thanks to the Scottish Government doing all it can to support the job-creating industries of the green economy.
“The Scottish Government is leading the way in renewable energy and tackling climate change with the £500 million Just Transition fund, and investing £100 million in renewable hydrogen projects.
“Scotland is blessed with huge natural resources and our potential is the envy of countries across the world – by offering investment allowances to renewables we can tap into Scotland’s unique opportunity for economic growth and the jobs that follow. 
“Scotland, particularly the North East, has a highly skilled, expert workforce that we need to harness, but both Labour and the Tories are wedded to damaging plans that will see that threatened or lost.

“By encouraging renewable expansion, we will create highly paid jobs to allow Scotland to retain those same oil and gas workers who will drive forward our green economy. 

“Our country cannot be left behind in the green energy gold rush and this small change is in the UK government’s gift – after all, we know Scotland has the energy, we just need the power.”

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