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Corbyn – Indyref Will Happen

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Former Labour leader (pictured) believes pressure is there for independence referendum.

Commenting on remarks by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who told BBC Scotland’s Drivetime programme that “the pressure is there” for an independence referendum, the SNP said the current Labour leadership in Scotland were looking increasingly isolated in their own party – never mind the rest of the country.

Mr Corbyn said:

“I don’t believe that it’s a good idea to prevent people expressing a point of view and an opinion, and obviously that is what democracy has to be about.”

He added: 

“I’m strongly in support of people having their voice, therefore an independence referendum is something that I believe will happen probably within a few years,” he said.

His comments come just days after Unite Boss Len McCluskey called on Labour to back an independence referendum, saying the party should “wake up and smell the coffee” when it comes to the constitution.

Meanwhile, the Labour Government in Wales have launched a constitutional commission to examine Wales’ future relationship with the UK – which includes independence as an option.

SNP MSP Paul McLennan said:

“As each week passes, Anas Sarwar becomes more and more isolated in opposing a referendum in Scotland.

“There is a cast-iron mandate for an independence referendum when the COVID crisis is over – as expressed by the people in May’s Holyrood election.

“Anas Sarwar led Labour to their worst ever result in that election – and if he continues to side with Boris Johnson’s Trumpian-style denial of Scottish democracy, Labour will only slide further into the abyss.

“More and more people can see that Scottish Labour are a party with zero credibility, whose main policy appears to be protecting Westminster control over Scotland.

“Instead, they should show a bit of belief in the people of Scotland to make a grown-up decision about their own future – and the option of using Scotland’s immense human and natural resources to build a sustainable recovery from COVID.”

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