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Council Employee Receives Special Recognition at The Scottish Empty Homes Awards 

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Dawn Meston from The Highland Council’s Housing team won a prestigious award at the Scottish Empty Homes Awards held at The Studio, Glasgow on Thursday 29 February 2024 in recognition of her contribution to bringing empty homes back into use across Highland.

Housing and Property Committee Chair, Cllr Glynis Campbell Sinclair said:

“Congratulations to Dawn on being presented The Special Recognition Award as a ‘rising star’ by the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership for her positive contribution and commitment to empty homes work. 

“Empty homes are wasted resources that could be used to help meet housing need.

“They can also cause problems for residents living nearby and can have a negative impact on the wider community.”

Cllr Campbell Sinclair added:

“The work around empty homes sit in line with the key priorities outlined in the Highland Council’s Local Housing Strategy 2023-28 and forms part of the strategic planning processes for meeting housing need; working alongside other organisations and services to improve social and economic impacts.

“In rural areas this work contributes to the re-population and sustainment of fragile communities by bringing homes back into use for the purpose they were intended for.”

Between 1 April and 31 December 2023, a total of 25 empty properties were brought back into use following Dawn’s intervention as Highland’s Empty Homes Officer.

Her caseload currently sits at around 250 cases which reflects the high number of empty homes in Highland (over 3000).

A long-term empty home is any privately owned home that has been empty for six months or more.

Empty Homes casework involves providing guidance and information regarding empty properties, including around regulation, loans/ grants, and any initiatives available to bring empty properties back into use, and providing advice on the occupation and management of properties.

If an individual or community has any queries regarding an empty home, please contact empty.homes@highland.gov.uk

Scottish Empty Homes Partnership is funded by the Scottish Government and hosted by Shelter Scotland and the awards hosted by Shelter Scotland.

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