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Council Unveils Big Plans for Meiklefield Area Dingwall

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The Highland Council is progressing plans to regenerate parts of the Meiklefield Area in Dingwall.

Some of the homes in Meiklefield Road and the surrounding streets have come to the end of their useful life as council houses and they can no longer be economically repaired.

This gives the Council an exciting opportunity to provide more modern and efficient houses in an already established community.

A planning application submitted last month provides for the demolition of 12 flats on Meiklefield Road to make room for 14 new flats and houses.

The council has invited tenders to complete the demolition of the 12 existing flats.

The new homes are intended to be the first phase of a project aimed at improving housing throughout the wider Meiklefield area.

Council officers are working with a design team to develop the wider Masterplan which will involve ongoing communication and consultation with the Meiklefield community.

The Dingwall and Seaforth ward members are pleased to see the project take a step forward.

Councillor Margaret Paterson (pictured) said:

“I am so delighted that this project is going ahead at last.

“We have watched the area deteriorate over the last few years and although it will be a while before we start building, we are so excited as it will look fantastic.

“Meiklefield Road and Square has always had a caring Community and that will not change it will remain a special place for all the people who enjoyed living there.

“Some will return to live there when the houses are rebuilt and new families will get the opportunity to live in a great area of Dingwall.”

Councillor Graham Mackenzie said:

“I’m delighted to see this important project get under way.

“Highland Council has done well in successfully reallocating Meiklefield Road residents into alternative accommodation and I am looking forward to the start of the demolition exercise.

“This project will deliver a substantial number of good quality residential units which are badly needed in the Dingwall area.”

Councillor Angela Maclean added:

“I would like to thank the Meiklefield residents for their patience over the past few years while Highland Council come forward with a suitable sustainable design to enhance their area.

“It is good to see this project finally start and I look forward to welcoming the residents back to their new homes when the project phase is complete.”

The Council’s housing team are working hard to keep the local community updated on the project.

A Meiklefield Matters Newsletter has been distributed and a survey recently carried out to give people the chance to provide comments and feedback.

The community have also been invited to participate in an area forum to guide and influence proposals.

As part of the phase 1 development there are plans to develop a community hub including a notice board, post box and a replacement community shed. 

Tenant participation officers are on board to ensure the hub is sustainable after the development work is completed. 

The team have also put a video presentation on the Highland Council’s facebook page in lieu of being able to hold face to face consultations.

The community can also engage by contacting the dedicated officer Faye Dyer either by phone 01349 886602, by emailing meiklefield.matters@highland.gov.uk or by using the special post box set up at the Dingwall Service Point.

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